We reframe people's thoughts and make them

powerful, profitable, and enlightening.

Randy Martin, principal, martinDESIGN
Randy Martin

The Problem

You are the expert at what you do. No one knows your business better than you. Your goal is to get more clients, keep the ones you have, make them all happy, and, of course, make more money. Your problem is you’re not comfortable with your ability to say it so that you accomplish those goals. You are not an expert in writing, designing, and non-sales marketing. Not your strong suit. You may not be able to describe precisely what you want, but when you read it, hear, or see it you’ll know it’s exactly what you wanted it to be.

That’s where we come in. That’s our job. It’s what we do for you.

For more than thirty years, we have been reframing the thoughts of business owners like you and making those thoughts powerful, profitable, and enlightening. Lots of folks say they listen to their clients. We actually do. We know that the magic to creating the perfect book, website, video, or marketing solution is in your head — not ours.

What we bring to the table is the experience and ability to hear what you mean. To find the keys to the answers that are always hidden inside the words clients say when they talk freely to us about their project. And about their goals — both short- and long-term.


Our Design Philosophy


Good design is a function of placing elements in such a way that the brain says, “I can read that.” Any design decision not based on understanding how the brain works will not be totally effective. Period.

Book Design


Book design includes covers and interior layout. Covers need to attract readers and convey the content’s message. Interiors need to be clean, simple, and inspire ease of reading.

Website Design


We provide website design and direction that supports your product or company. We follow the same design rules for web as for print — it must be easy to read and easy to understand.

If this sounds good, you’ve come to the right place.

The home for your design-problem solutions.


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The Process

So, how does this work? First, we ask you to look at the rest of our site to get an idea of what we do for our clients. If it looks good to you, we move on to the next step. If it doesn’t seem to match up with your vision, we encourage you keep looking. There are thousands of folks online and down the street who do what we do. Maybe not like we do it, but they are able to put words on paper and pictures on websites. Finding a resource that pleases you and gives you what you want is what we want for all of our clients. Whether we’re that resource or not.

Once you are comfortable with the idea of talking to us about your project, the process begins with a phone discussion. You tell us what you want, and we ask you questions and listen to your answers. Then we agree on a timeline for us to present a preliminary proposal that identifies your goals and our solutions. That proposal will be fleshed out and quantified with dates, concepts, benchmarks, and standards. Along with an estimate of what we think it will cost. When we’ve come to a mutual understanding, we write up an agreement, sign it, and begin.

We expect our clients to be partners in this process of creation. We expect both sides to live up to the terms and deadlines of the agreement under which the project is to be completed. We expect you to be happy with the outcome, and we will work with you until you are. Guaranteed.

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We are confident in our ability
to create and deliver
the solution to your design problem.
That’s our promise to you.

We would love to do the same kind of work for you. If you would like that, too, drop us a line.

Or, feel free to call me on my cell phone:


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These portfolios of books, videos, and websites are their thoughts,

reframed to be powerful, profitable, and enlightening.

 The Solution

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We reframe people’s thoughts and make them

powerful, profitable, and enlightening.

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